This is how UAE police helps this man to reach Kerala, what he thought would be Impossible

Sanil Mathew, a resident of Al Ain (UAE), still can’t forget that evening. He was stuck in traffic for more than an hour on his way to the Sharjah, airport on Tuesday. It was Sharjah Police, who made his journey to home town Kerala possible.

Sanil booked a ticket on Air India Express flight to Thiruvananthapuram for Tuesday, at 8.45pm. Tuesday evening he started from Al Ain by 5 pm after dropping his wife to the office. Things turned unexpected when he reached Sajja.

“It was a long queue of vehicles and I didn’t know what to do. Minutes before that I was at ease, thinking that I could reach the airport on time. The flight was at 8.45pm and the check-in counter was about to be closed by 7.30. I thought I would reach the airport before 7 pm,” said Mathew.

“I was in a desperate situation. I dialled 999 after seeing a vehicle in front which had the number written on it, asking to call in case of emergency. I even didn’t know to explain my exact location. Instead, I gave them the details of my vehicle and my phone number.” He added

Next series of an event was unbelievable. A team of the Sharjah Police patrols approached him within 15 minutes and asked for his travel documents. After going through that, he was asked to follow the police vehicle, which took him to the airport.

By 8.05pm, the police vehicle escorted him to the airport parking. Another policeman was waiting for him at the airport. He was taken to the check-in counter, which was already closed. The policeman asked the staff to make the check-in done and then took him to the immigration counter.


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