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Ramadan : Tricks to wake up early for Suhoor

Suhoor or the pre-dawn meal should not be seen as an obligation but a blessed part of fasting no Muslim should ignore. It is also a very good way to start the day and prepare yourselves for Farj Adhan. 

1.Go to bed early

Make a conscious effort to call it a day and retire at the same time every night, and go to bed earlier than usual if there are no other family plans. This way, when you wake up for Suhoor, your body has already been given a long enough break for you to stay alert.

2.Time to strategise

You’re less likely to click that snooze button if your alarm clock is placed across the room. Just get up to turn it off so you aren’t tempted to go back to bed. Drink and eat to fuel up for the day.

3.Avoid caffeinated drinks before bedtime

Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks the night before. Another good idea is to set your coffeemaker, if you have one, on a timer to make sure you have your morning drink ready when you wake up.
4.Exercise regularly

This is important because exercise is one of the best ways for our bodies to breathe the right way. Even brisk walking, if done consistently, can give you a boost of energy and fitful rest. Do your exercise before Iftar.

5.Plan a daily or weekly Suhoor

It will be very hard to wake up very early if you do not know what’s planned for Suhoor. List Suhoor meals that will motivate you to get up. Plan at least a day in advance or if possible, plan for the whole week. There are a lot of Suhoor items that do not require cooking like fruits, cereals or protein bars, yogurt and overnight oats.

6.Set a time for Suhoor with friends or family

Set a specific Suhoor with other early risers in the family or with friends. You will find this very effective as you would not want to let anyone down. When you know that you have something planned with others, your body will act naturally and lets you wake up even before your alarm.

7.Get excited

Before you sleep, think of something that will excite you and make you hop out of bed in the wee hours of morning. It could be the project you wish to submit before deadline, seeing your happy colleagues or something you’d like to read, and do all these with a positive attitude. It will change your outlook and help motivate you to get up.


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