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Controversial Divorces by Famous Malayalam Film Celebrities

The movie world is one that which shows the audience that there is a solution to every problem. Movies create a world where nothing is impossible and pain nor suffering exists. But the same actors which portray these characters are more often not able to instill these ‘noble’ ideas in their life. Many actors through the medium of movie preach about the stability of life, how partners in the marriage should try to accommodate each other’s differences and so on. But more often it doesn’t happen in real life. Many celebrity weddings have shattered sooner than later. Many love affairs have ended up in divorce. Today we prenet to you such ten couples whose marriage lives unfortunately didn’t lasted long.

Sreenath Divorced Santhi Krishna

Mohini Divorced Bharath

Meera Vasudevan Divorced John Kokken

Mukesh Divorced Saritha

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Seetha divorced Parthiban

K B Ganesh Kumar Divorced Yamini thankchan

Manoj K Jayan Divorced Urvashi

Rohini Divorced Raghuvaran

Manju Pillai divorced Mukndan Menon

Mamatha Mohan Das Divorced Pregith Padmanabhan



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