Yogamudrasana – Psychic Union Pose(Power Yoga Pose)

Yogimudrasana – Psychic Union Pose

Yoga Mudrasana or The Psychic Union Pose is a deep forward bend and is considered one of the best anti-aging postures as it will help you to look and feel younger. This is the forty-eighth pose in Power Yoga. The name Yoga Mudrasana is derived from Sanskrit where “Yoga” means “Awareness”, “Mudra” means “Seal” and “Asana” means “Pose” or “Posture”. It gives a sense of calmness and increases your mental focus and also helps with concentration.

Power Yoga Pose

How to do Yoga Mudrasana – The Psychic Union Pose

  1. Sit in padmasana on the floor or on The Yoga Mat.
  2. Make sure that you close the eyes while getting into The Psychic Union Pose.
  3. Relax the body for some time while breathing normally in this position.
  4. Hold one wrist behind the back with the other hand while getting into Yoga Mudrasana.
  5. Inhale deeply in this position.
  6. While exhaling you must bend forward while keeping the spine straight while getting into The Psychic Union Pose.
  7. Bring the forehead to the floor or as close as possible while getting into Yoga Mudrasana or The Psychic Union Pose.
  8. Relax the whole body in the final The Psychic Union Pose, breathing slowly and deeply.
  9. Be aware of the pressure of the heels on the abdomen while practicing Yoga Mudrasana.
  10. Stay in the final Yoga Mudrasana or The Psychic Union Pose for as long as is comfortable.
  11. Do not strain the back, ankles, knees or thighs by forcing the body into the posture while in the pose.
  12. Slowly return to the starting position.
  13. Repeat Yoga Mudrasana or The Psychic Union Pose with the legs crossed the other way around. You can practice 3 to 4 rounds of this pose.
  1. The movement and lifting of the chest while practicing Yoga Mudrasana or The Psychic Union Pose expand the intercostal area and allows for healthier breathing patterns which help in treating many diseases.
  2. It helps in stretching and opening of the shoulder and hip joints.
  3. Also makes the pelvic area stronger.
  4. Regular practice of Yoga Mudrasana is also very beneficial in increasing the concentration and sense of balance in the body.
  5. The Psychic Union Pose also stretch and strengthen the muscles of the legs
  6. With regular practice, Yoga Mudrasana or The Psychic Union Pose helps in alleviating back disorders like sciatica and rheumatism in the leg joints.
  7. Strengthens the calf muscles.
  8. Helps in balancing the mind, increases the power of concentration, and induces physical and mental relaxation quickly. The thinking process becomes very clear and precise with regular practice of  The Psychic Union Pose.
  9. The pose also helps in alleviating stress and curing mild depression.
  10. Beneficial for children of growing as practicing Yoga Mudrasana or The Psychic Union Pose helps in increasing the height.
  11. Bones of the vertebral column get developed and strengthened with regular practice of The Psychic Union Pose.
  12. Helps in improving the lung capacity when practiced with proper breathing techniques and helps in alleviating respiratory disorders like asthma etc.
  13. Makes legs, knees, and ankles stronger with regular practice.


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