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Catholics and Protestants united to say ‘No sex in films’

The European country Northern Ireland has been gone to the extent of a civil war as the conflicts between Catholics and Protestants has worsened in the 1970s. But the conflicting groups were united in one thing. And that is ‘must ban cinema, which according to them was the child of Satan(Devil). The films with sex scenes compelled the religious leaders to take this decision.

The political and religious leaders from both factions united to protest against films like ‘Last Tango in Paris’ directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. The film which has Marlon Brando and Maria Schiander in lead roles were classified as a classic film by the film critics and film lovers. The film was screened in England, Scotland, and Wales but was banned in Northern Ireland.

Historians say that Northern Ireland/s history of film censorship dating from 1920 through to the 1980s reflects the strength of religion and social conservatism with the churches, town councils, and newspapers all playing a role.

The country has banned many films pointing outing sex and blasphemous contents.


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