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A foreigner breaks the ‘myth’ of ‘Number 1 Kerala’: Video

We the Keralites always very proud in saying that our state kerala is number 1 in many things. But now finally a foreigner has broken the myth and showed the world the real face of Kerala.

A video of collecting waste and garbage from a popular beach in the capital city of Kerala has become viral on social media.

Kerala is a popular tourist destination. And in this video Nikolay Timoshchuk, a tourist shows the pathetic condition of Shankumugham Beach.

Kerala has been named as ‘God’s Own Country’. But it has becoming the ‘waste’s own country’. You can see only wastes and garbages all around when go for a walk, he said.

” What an amazing day. Shankumugham Beach clean up for a Back 2 Life Family meet up in India and we did it in the pouring rain!! My heart is full of love for everyone and all the support!! A little awareness, a little action, and who knows how much you can change the world. Let’s stay positive, let’s be kind, and let’s save what we have left”, he wrote sharing the video on his Facebook page.


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