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Japanese PM Abe roasted in Social media over ‘mask’ rationing

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe faced harsh criticism over his handling of the Covid crisis. Abe was roasted on Thursday over his move to offer cloth masks,2 per family to face Coronavirus as the opposition demands a lock-down to curb the pandemic.

“I am wearing one too, but these cloth masks are not disposable,” Abe said. “You can use soap to wash and re-use them, so this should be a good response to the sudden, huge demand for masks,” Abe said.Twitter was filled with a scathing attack against Abe with hashtag #Abemask, “Is the Japanese government for real? This is a total waste of tax money,” wrote a user with the handle Usube.

Japan’s Covid curve is rising sharply with nearly 2500 confirmed cases and 70 deaths as of Thursday. Shinzo Abe government still maintains that it is not yet time t declare an emergency which will empower authorities more scope to enforce social distancing.

While the people of Japan stress for a lock-down and declare a state of emergency, the offers of two mask ration per household attracted more scorn.



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