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Sex and Life : ‘Handsome men suffer lack of sperm’,says study

In this world more women like handsome and attractive men. According to a recent research, the quality of these men sperm is not good and they are not able to succeed much in keeping the partner happy. Today, according to this research, we will try to know whether the quality of sperm is poor in handsome men. So let’s know about it in detail.

According to the researchers, men who are very handsome and look more attractive are not very good in their semen quality. Such men also take much longer to become fathers. At the University of Spain, 62 men have been tried to know the quality of their sperm by using the Phenotype Linked Fertility Hypothesis (PLFH). The things that came out in this research were very surprising.


Researchers who have done this research said that if a woman is imagining a healthy and intelligent child, then she should not go to her partner’s handsome face. According to research, increasing levels of testosterone spoil sperm production. In research, the semen of 50 men was inspected after ejaculation. The movement and concentration of sperm were monitored according to the rules of the World Health Organization. This showed that the sperm quality of handsome men is less than that of other men.


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