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Health and Life : Know how beneficial masturbation is for women

Whenever masturbation is mentioned, it is seen and understood by connecting with boys. Boys do this work to satisfy themselves sexually. And sexual satisfaction is required by girls as well, so female masturbation is quite common. But you will not know that the benefits of this masturbation is also related to health. That is, masturbation can also give you good health !!

1. Stress Relief: The biggest benefit of masturbation is that it reduces your stress. The advantage of this masturbation is that your sensitive place gets attention and some good hormones start their work. That way your stress gets discharged.

2. You also get strength: Masturbation is not less than any exercise. Your pelvic muscles get strong. By reaching orgasm, both your blood pressure and heart rate increase. The uterus has a formation which makes you sexually satisfied and strengthens the vaginal muscles.

3. Get sound sleep: A hell lot of people deal with insomnia. But the benefit of masturbation is its cure as well. After this, your hormones are released which make you feel good and you get restful sleep.

4. Mood will also be made: If your mood is bad and you are feeling worse, then try this. In female masturbation, hormones like dopamine and epinephrine do everything right and you will feel good.

5. Relieving pain: If the pain of periods squeezes you, then it is not less than any exercise for you. If you masturbate on other days, then in those days you will get relief from pain.

6. UTI will get privacy: Urinary infection is quite common. There are many times that in the flow that occurs after masturbation, bacteria come out from the cervix and the chances of infection are reduced. But remember that if you are using something dirty or your own hands are dirty, then the risk of infection may also increase.

7. Relief in Cold: If the experts agree, the benefits of masturbation in some cases also relieve the discomfort of common cold.

8. No pregnancy nor risk of sex disease: Because you do not need any partner in this. So are you not safe at all, Your confidence also increases with masturbation.


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