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Try these home remedies to get rid of a hangover

Often the fun of a weekend party becomes gritty when the head starts moving due to a hangover while getting ready for office early the next day. The person starts having problems like dizziness, nausea and head heavy. If this happens to you too many times, then these home remedies can help you. So let’s know.


2 cups of coffee can also be very helpful to get rid of hangovers. It will bring a lot of agility in you.

8 ounces of water

Instead of drinking several ounces of water at a time to remove a hangover, drink eight ounces of water every hour, so it will be beneficial.

Tea bangs

To reduce the swelling seen on the eyes due to a hangover, keep tea bangs on the eyes for ten minutes. Doing so will benefit.


Eating an egg makes your liver recover quickly.

Drink sports drink

Excess salt absorbs the liquid substance from the body. So drink a sports drink to get a hangover.

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