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Deepika Padukone trolls herself on her diwali dress….”Mop then, dessert today”…..

Many trolls and memes appears on social media regarding the dress code of the actresses. Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has shared such a meme on her own. Deepika posted a meme that mocked her dress. The trolls were about Deepika’s dress in connection with the Diwali party. Deepika shares a meme that compares to the Diwali special dessert.

This is the dress that Deepika wore for the Diwali party organized by Siddhant Chaturvedi. The meme is due to the diamond shaped design on Deepika’s dress in white. Deepika posted a meme with pictures of Kaju Katli and herself. On the one hand, Deepika has given the name Kaju Katli and for her film Kaju Katli Pro Max.

Recently, Deepika posted a trolley of her dress. Deepika shared a picture of herself cleaning the floor and her clothes. Deepika shared a purple gown and a purple mop on the other side. The caption given to the film was that it looks very similar.

Earlier, Deepika had posted a troll starring her husband and actor Ranveer Singh at the IFA Awards. Ranveer was wearing a ponytail at that time. Deepika Padukone has revealed that Agnes and Ranveer, the protagonist of the movie Despicable Me, are beautifully tied in ponytails.


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