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Captivating colors; This is the living ribbon under the sea….

The bottom of the sea is a place where we are exposed to amazing sights every day. There are still hidden objects and creatures there. We have often seen beautiful fish. But it is rare to see a ribbon floating under the sea.

They  belong to the genus Moray Eel. Ribbon eels are found in lakes and rocks in East Africa, southern Japan, Australia, and the Indo-Pacific Ocean. This species of eel is distinguished by its attractive colors. They come in three colors. Black, blue and yellow. They are black when they are born. Later, when mature, the color turns blue. At another stage of growth, at 1 m / 3.3 ft, they change color again and turn yellow.

All ribbon eels begin life with the male body. During the yellow stage, the female body begins to lay eggs. Ribbon eels live in coral reefs. Often only the head and a few upper bodies are visible. They always like to hide. It is a rare sight to see an eel with a full body. Another feature of ribbon eels is their long nose.

They have a face reminiscent of a seahorse. They can sense the movement of water with their noses. This helps them to hunt and defend.  Carnivorous ribbon eels feed mainly on shrimp and small fish. They hunt at night. Hunting is done by hiding in dark places. Their lifespan is up to 20 years. They are kept in aquariums but can not survive for more than a month.

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