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Ricin (poison) letter to Trump ; Woman arrested for 16 federal charges !!!

Texas; A woman who hails from Quebec has been charged with mailing a poison-filled letter to US President Donald Trump is currently encountering 16 additional charges on multiple cases.

U.S. federal prosecutors in Brownsville, say Pascale Ferrier is now encountering eight totals of infringing the U.S. prohibitions perturbing biological weapons and eight counts of creating menaces through interstate business. In a disclaimer, they allege Ferrier, who lived in a Montreal suburb, mailed envelopes possessing the toxin ricin to several police agencies and penal facilities in southern Texas in September.

Ferrier was arrested in Texas during 2019 and spent over two months in jail before the charges she met were settled. Ferrier was arrested by U.S. authorities at the U.S-Canada border on Sept. 20. She is now being lodged in a Washington D.C. area jail on a single case of endangering the president of the United States of America.


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