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Not two but four; Curiously four-legged chicken… Know more!!!

A chick, which was born with the rarity of four legs, is so popular among the locals now. The rare chick is being raised at Farooq’s house in Kokkaranipadam near Vadavannur Mandam School.

It has a total of four legs but only the front two are used for walking. Farooq and his wife see this four-legged chick, one of the nine chicks that hatched on the evening of December 31st, as a New Year’s gift. Farooq, who was a mechanic in Riyadh for five years, is now an auto driver. At present there are about 90 chickens in their house which is run as a poultry sub-occupation.

Farooq’s sons Farnita, Fatima and Fahad are the current caretakers of the chicken. Farooq said the chicken will not be killed or sold even if it grows up.

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