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The Egyptian court books 2 women for indecent TikTok videos.

A Cairo court has accused 20-year-old student Haneen Hossam and 22-year-old Mawada Eladhm of hiring young women for “indecent jobs that violate the principles and values of the Egyptian society,”.

The order came after the two women had sprung to TikTok fame, with millions of followers for their video fragments set to catchy Egyptian club-pop tracks. In their  15-second long clips, the women were seen wearing makeup and pose in cars, dance in kitchens, and joke in skits which are familiar and seemingly harmless content for the platform. The two women were also fined 300,000 Egyptian pounds (nearly $19,000).

Their case drew the wrath of Egyptian feminists who rejected the prosecution of Hossam and Adham as another example of their conservative society’s encroachment on women’s freedoms. The women’s rights advocates circulated an online petition calling the arrests a “systematic crackdown that targets low-income women.”


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