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Honduran law; favors bans on abortion, same-sex marriage

The lawmakers of Honduran, a Central American country voted on Thursday to alter the constitution-making it much tougher to modify existing hard-line bans on abortion and same-sex marriage, as lawmakers focus on socially conventional priorities.

Lawmakers voted to demand a three-quarters super-majority to alter a constitutional article that gives a fetus the same legal status as a person and another that says that civil marriage in the Central American nation can only be between a man and a woman. With 88 legislators in support, 28 opposed, and seven abstentions, the proposal will still need a second round of vote in the unicameral legislature next year before it is passed. Currently, all constitutional reforms need a two-thirds majority vote of the 128-member body.

The country’s criminal law sets out three to six-year prison terms for women who abort a fetus as well as anyone else involved. Abortion-rights advocates accused backers of the proposal of attempting to cement the current bans.



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