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International Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics: A date to commemorate the first ever flight of human in space

On April 12 we celebrate World’s Aviation and Cosmonautics Day. 56 years ago on April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin performed his first spaceflight proving that there is nothing impossible. From the times of Leonardo Da Vinci humankind has dreamt of conquering skies and space; this flight lasting for just 108 minutes became a great breakthrough, a triumph of S. Korolyov scientific genius and opened up new horizons and opportunities for humanity.


This day was designated at the 61st General Conference of the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) or World Air sports Federation in November 1968. Besides this day, numerous countries also organize Yuri’s Night every year on April 12 to mark this historic moment. It aims to promote public interest in space exploration.

The first Yuri’s Night was celebrated on 40th anniversary of the first manned flight into space in 2001.


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