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Japanese man dates 35 women at the same time for a weird reason

We have heard a lot of news about young people having lots of girlfriends. At the same time, when a young man with 35 girlfriends was arrested by the police, the answer to the question of why he has so many girlfriends is spreading laughter. A 39-year-old man named Takashi Miyagawa allegedly cheated on 35 young women. Miyagawa maintained 35 relationships at the same time in order to get gifts for fake birthdays. Miyagawa told each of the girls that he had different birthdays in a bid to make sure he had a constant supply of presents.

The young man told his 47-year-old girlfriend that his birthday was February 22nd. At the same time, Miyagawa told another girlfriend that his birthday was April 13. The young man’s goal was to get presents from his all girlfriends all year round by saying 35 birthdays to 35 girlfriends like this. November 14 is the actual birth date of Miyagawa, a part-time worker in the Kansai region of Japan. A Japanese news website reports that Miyagawa cheated on 35 girls. Investigations are underway into whether Miyagawa cheated on more women. Miyagawa has been tricked into accepting gifts worth 100,000 Japanese yen (approximately Rs 69,442) in cash, clothing, and other accessories from his girlfriends.


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