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Know the health benefits of having morning sex

Sex is always fun and having it in the morning will wake you up. Morning sex has therapeutic effects and will help you have a great start to the morning.  Sex is very important in life. It helps to make your relationship better. it is also a healthy workout too.

But in todays’ world, there is very little time for having good sex. You might be exhausted in the evening after your busy schedules have sex. This leads to and may not able to waking up to the other day in a roughed-up mood, and the cycle continues. So, to avoid this have sex in the morning.  Morning  sex is associated with fantastic health benefits that you surprise you. Even studies believe that one of the best times to have sex is to have it in the morning.

Here are some reasons why having morning sex is better:

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It boost mood: As per studies, sex helps in the release of happy hormones like oxytocin and dopamine  and thus uplift your mood instantly. It clams down you and makes you mentally light. ‘The release of happy hormones right in the morning can make anyone feel more relaxed, focused, and cheerful throughout the day’, says Dr Sudeshna Ray, consultant obstetrics and gynecology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai.

It boosts immunity: Sex increases immunity power. It helps in activating brain and thus causes a  rush of hormones.

It acts as a great workout: Good morning sex is like a moderate workout. Having sex is a great way to burn calories. It helps to stretch and relax muscles.  Having sex is a good exercise you can start your day with. You can burn calories and also warm up your mornings.

Morning oxytocin improves whole your day: Oxytocin levels in  blood  increases due to sexual activity. This  makes you feel better. As per some  studies  having sex in the morning can help you become more productive throughout the day.

 Testosterone levels are high in the morning: Testosterone levels are high in the morning.

It can beat morning stress: Sex relieves from stress. So morning sex  relaxes your body and also helps you face the day better.

 It makes you happier, in general: If you get into the habit of starting your day with sex, you are sure to be happier generally in life!

Sex is always good whether its morning, noon or night, but morning sex is  a whole package of surprises that you can enjoy and relish throughout the day.  So next time try, coffee with sex.


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