Following these ancient ‘sex rules’ will make your love life better

Sex is the  essential part of human life. . Indian culture has considered sex as one of the essential part of human life and it viewed it as something divine.

In ancient India, sexual relations were talked about openly. ‘Kamasutra’, the very first treatise on the subject of sex was written in India in the second century. Indian culture considers sex not only physical but also associated with mental pleasure.

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Follow these 5 ancient rules, then there will be no problem in your sexual life.

1- According to ancient rules, one should not have sex during periods. It is considered good to have sex on the fifth, sixth, twelfth, fourteenth and sixteenth days.

2- According to the Bahm Vaivarta Purana, there should be no meeting of man and woman during the day and morning and evening worship. It should also be kept in mind that sex should not be done even during an eclipse, sunrise, sunset, death, Shravan month, Nakshatra, Diwakal, Bhadra, Shraddha, Amavasya.

3- In ancient times, any man and woman were prohibited from having sex with anyone other than their spouse. It was considered an immoral act.

4- Pregnant woman should not have sex during pregnancy. By doing this, there is a risk of causing crippling children.

5- Sex is prohibited in places like sacred trees, cremation grounds, holy places, gurukuls, hospitals. If a person does this, then he has to struggle with terrible diseases throughout his life.


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