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These are the reasons why drinking warm water regularly can be bad for your health

Warm water has been recommended for a healthy metabolism, beautiful skin, and a well-functioning urinary system. Warm water intake has practically become a regular practice in almost all Indian families since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Although warm water, having its own set of benefits, may also have some harmful effects on one’s health if consumed in excess and without prudence. The following are some of the most typical adverse effects of using warm water on a regular basis:

Not your kidney’s best friend: Many people may be surprised to learn that drinking too much warm water puts unnecessary strain on the kidneys, causing them to malfunction. While water is essential for our urinary system since it helps our kidneys wash out toxins, make sure you drink regular water rather than extremely hot water.

Affects blood pressure: Warm water can cause an increase in blood volume in the body, which catalyses blood circulation and pressure.

Digestion troubles: You have probably heard that your stomach shouldn’t be warm. Having a lot of warm water might make it difficult to digest meals since it raises body temperature and causes digestive problems. It can also cause gastritis, especially if consumed on an empty stomach.

Home to more contaminants: Water quality is a major worry these days, and especially when the weather is warm, it becomes an easy target for contamination. Contaminants and poisons dissolve more rapidly in warm water than in cold water.


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