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Ukrainian politician urges Germany to provide immediate military assistance to Kyiv

According to legislator Anastasia Radina, Western countries such as Germany must overcome their reluctance to supply Ukraine with modern weapons since Kyiv risks running out of stockpiles in the fight with Russia.


‘We have just one choice,’ Radina told Reuters on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, ‘and that is to obtain contemporary NATO-style armament because we cannot win the fight with the Soviet-style weaponry we have.’


She said that global inventories of Soviet-made weaponry were limited, and that Moscow possessed far more of them than Kyiv.


‘What they’re waiting for is for us to run out of weapons or for the West as a whole to become less united and more distracted with their own problems,’ Radina said in an interview on Tuesday.


Ukraine requires longer-range weaponry after getting mostly anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons at the start of the war, according to Radina, who also stated that Kyiv has requested ground-based air defence systems to safeguard Ukrainian cities from strikes.


According to a security source, the German government has considered supplying Ukraine with a Diehl-built surface-to-air defence system, although no contract has yet been confirmed.



Radina believes that a system like this might help safeguard not only Kyiv but other cities such as Kharkiv, Zaporizhya, Mykolaiv, and Odesa: ‘These are cities that require proper air defence systems much more than Kyiv.’


According to the politician, the German government must recognise that Ukraine is running out of time.


‘This… conversation about tanks is disgusting to say the least. This raises the issue of who Germany truly supports,’ Radina was referring to Germany’s offer of Gepard anti-aircraft tanks a month ago, which Berlin indicated would be delivered in July.


‘It’s past time for Germany to show who it stands with in action. And demonstrating in action is ceasing to provide Russia with funds so that it can buy weapons and slaughter Ukrainian civilians, as well as providing Ukraine with adequate ammunition.’


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