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Never do these 10 things with your smartphone

Mumbai: Smartphones are an indispensable part of our life. Smartphones are now used to store personal data too. But we usually do several mistakes while using smartphones. These mistakes will destroy the life of the smartphones.

Here are 10 things that you should never do with your smartphone:  

Overcharging the smartphone: Never overcharge the smartphone. You must unplug the cord as your phone is fully charged. This will save your smartphone from overheating and harming the battery capacity.

keeping handset in the chest pocket: This must be avoided. Several studies and reports says  to avoid   keeping the smartphone somewhere near your chest pocket for health reasons. There are cases reported earlier which stated that the radiation from the handsets will affect the human body, especially the heart.

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Do not plug in wired earphones and take calls or listen to music while the smartphone is charging : Several reports suggest that plugging the earphones (Wired) at the time of charging might lead to an electric shock. This may lead to problems in  hearing ability or any other injury.  There are chances of death as accidents had been reported on ‘smartphone electrocution’ in the recent past.

Avoid multi-plug extension for charging the smartphone:  This is a risky affair. For instance, if there is one slot which is damaged, this might affect the connected device as well.

Do not keep your smartphone next/under your pillow while sleeping: This may affect us physically. Doctors have been debating how mobile devices interfere with the brain signals during sleep and harm the sleep cycle. In the longer run, it may cause trouble in productivity.

Do not expose the smartphone to direct sunlight, especially at the time of charging:  Exposing the smartphone to direct sunlight may cause heating trouble to your smartphone.

Do not put pressure on your smartphone:  This might harm your display and performance at times.

Do not get it repaired from unauthorised shops: Always approach an authorised service centre for repair.

Never prefer cheap adaptors to charge your handset: Always use original charger which comes with your smartphone. It is because, a  cheap charger might affect the battery life of your smartphone.

Avoid using smartphones while charging: Never use your smartphone while charging it. The device might get overheated if you use the device when it is connected with the charger- as there are chances that the device might either catch fire or heat up and stop working- internally get damaged.


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