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Before drafting a law against superstition, the government will speak with religious leaders.

As it prepares to pass legislation banning superstitious beliefs in the wake of heinous atrocities carried out by sorcerers and others, the Kerala Government will proceed with caution.


The Legislative Assembly would only be presented with a draught bill after precise definitions of rituals and evil acts. The public’s view on the topic would also be sought through meetings with various religious leaders and an all-party gathering.


According to the Home department, laws should only be passed after thorough research has been done on the subject. In this context, the government last week created a subcommittee.


The Kerala Prevention and Eradication of Inhuman Evil Practices, Sorcery, and Black Magic Bill was drafted by the Law Reforms Commission, which was presided over by Justice K T Thomas.



The Home Department is now considering several aspects, such as whether the Commission’s recommendations need to be altered further and whether the list of offences therein needs to be expanded.


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