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Five brilliant ideas for making cafe-style coffee at home

A great morning cup of coffee can influence how you feel the rest of the day. It’s not difficult to make coffee at home, and with the appropriate methods, it may taste just as good as the coffee you get at your favourite cafe.

Just by adhering to these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to brew the ideal cup of coffee at home every time.

Use whole bean coffee and grind it
Having the freshest cup of coffee possible every time is an advantage of whole bean coffee. You may even select the degree of coarseness or grind. You may prevent drinking coffee made of beans that has been contaminated by oxygen, moisture, or outside interference by grinding fresh coffee beans.

Water quality and the right temperature
In order to extract the best flavors out of your coffee, the water you use to brew has to be at the optimal temperature: between 92-95 degree Celsius. Brewing between 92-95 degree Celsius will bring out the sweetness and complexities of our coffees without extracting the unnecessary bitter flavors.

Water quality and the right temperature
The water you use to make your coffee must be at the ideal temperature—between 92 and 95 degrees Celsius—to extract the best tastes from it. Brewing our coffees between 92 and 95 degrees Celsius will bring out their richness and complexity without over-extraction of bitter flavours.

Keep your equipment clean
Brewing gaskets frequently collect old and burnt-on coffee, which alters the flavour of the coffee throughout the brewing process and causes it to taste sour, bitter, or metallic. Cleaning your coffee maker every night after work will help control the build-up rather than allowing it to accumulate filth and debris.

Keep coffee beans fresh
Opened coffee beans should always be kept in an airtight container. Good options include ceramic storage crocks or glass canning jars with rubber gasket sealing. Never put roasted coffee beans in the fridge (roasted beans are porous and readily take up moisture and food odors).

Use weighing scale
Make careful to measure your components with a scale if you want your coffee to be as wonderful as it possibly can be. It’s crucial to utilise the scale at home to make café-style coffee because this is one reason why coffee shops consistently deliver superior coffee.

To get a perfect cup of coffee every time, it is important to maintain the ratio between the amount of coffee used to the amount of water and for that always use a weighing scale.


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