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Popular sex myths busted

Every individual has a lot of doubts and myths about sex. It is common that people believe in this wrong information. These will mislead a individuals. There have always been several common misconceptions or rather myths about sex that often lead to confusion. Here we are answering to some of the most common myths about sex.

Variety makes for better sex: This is true.  According to a research study carried out by US Centre for Sexual Health Promotion, couple who combine several different sex acts during lovemaking session are more likely to have an orgasm.

 Overdoing it can cause problems: This is also true. Regular sex is good. But doping it many time during a short span of time will lead to problems, both physically and mentally.

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 Condoms stop pleasure: This is wrong. As per a survey conducted among more than 6,000 men and women found that, using condoms did not affect sexual pleasure..

Only men get erections: This is also false. Erection happens in women too. It is not just clitoris of women  that becomes engorged with blood when women  are aroused, the labia also contain tissue that gets slightly stiffer when they become aroused.

 Clitoris is the most sensitive part of women’s body: This is true. Clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings. It is only part of women’s body that’s purely for pleasure.

 Vagina can stretch to many times its normal size: It is true. The vagina expands a bit during sex – a process called tenting. The  inner parts of the vagina, which lie compressed against each other, increase in length and width during sex.

 Vaginal orgasms exist: It is false. Most scientists think the vaginal orgasm is simply a clitoral orgasm caused indirectly by thrusting.


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