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SonyLIV brings to its fans an anthology series ‘Meet Cute’ that explore the emotions when people meet accidently

There’s something about those first meetings. Whether you’re excited, nervous or anxious, it’s always special. SonyLIV offers its audience a collection of five endearing tales that explore these feelings when people cross paths accidentally.

The stories, titled ‘Meet Cute,’ debut on the OTT on November 25. Each narrative, which is directed by Deepali Ghanta and produced by Nani, focuses on an unintentional encounter between two individuals who are occasionally awkward yet pleasant and compatible with one another.

The stories are exquisitely written in accordance with the Indian seasons. In the tale Meet the Boy, Ashwin Kumar and Varsha Bollamma are prominent characters. The plot, which is set in the fall, centres on a successful IT professional female who is hesitant to meet a boy for marriage.

The second tale, titled ‘Old is Gold,’ follows a summertime journey. A veteran journalist named Mohan Rao and Saru meet by chance in the story and the conversations that follow alter Saru’s perception of their relationship. Sathyaraj, Ruhani Sharma and Raj Chembolu play significant parts in the narrative.

The third tale, titled ‘InL(aw)ove,’ honours the springtime. It tells the story of a mother who pursues his son’s covert lover. What begins as a stalking exercise develops into a touching dialogue between two women who share a similar kind of love. Rohini, Akanksha Singh and Deekshit Shetty are all present in this tale.

The fourth story features Adah Sharma, Shiva Kandukuri and Alekya Harika, and is called ‘Star Struck’. It is about Shalini, a well-known person, who is left stranded on a street and later hitches a ride with a stranger. This story shows how a macho stereotype can also be utterly endearing.

Set against the winter season, the final chapter is about the newly married Anjana, who accidentally bumps into the ex-girlfriend of her husband Ajay. The conversations on how contradicting their perspectives are about Ajay make up this story of loss and love. Sunaina, Sanchita Poonacha and Govind Padmasoorya appear in the concluding tale.


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