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In extortion case, Mumbai Police launched manhunt to find missing ex-corporator

In connection with an extortion case, the Mumbai Police crime branch launched a manhunt on Saturday to find Yogesh Bhoir, a former corporator from Mumbai’s Ward 24. His name was mentioned in the case after the arrest of the main defendant, a self-described RTI activist who attempted to extort Rs 1 crore from a developer in Mumbai.

An employee of the company, Harshal More filed a complaint alleging that the main accused, Bhimsen Yadav, had been making false claims against the developer and attempting to halt the construction work they were doing at Kandivali.

Yadav had been harassing the company officials for some time, so they called him in for a meeting where he first demanded Rs 2 crore before settling on Rs 1 crore as an extortion fee to leave them alone and allow the construction work to continue. Yadav added that he would have to split the money with politicians and staff members of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

To lodge a complaint against Yadav, More recorded the conversation. He also added that Yadav claimed to have connections to criminal elements operating out of Karachi and issued a subliminal demand that the company pay the demanded amount in order for the construction to proceed.

When Yadav arrived at the Kandivali office to pick up the first instalment of the money, the police set up a trap for him, and he was immediately taken into custody. He was charged in accordance with the applicable Indian Penal Code sections (IPC).

Bhimsen Yadav revealed to the police Yogesh Bhoir’s connection to the case while being questioned. Yadav allegedly went to the business to demand the extortion money with Bhoir by his side.

Bhoir is evading the police at the moment, and authorities are trying to find him. The chargesheet contains the name of the former corporator.

Several local politicians and those who worked with Yadav are being investigated, according to officials, and more arrests could be made in connection with the case.


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