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Suicide bomb blast near parliament; police officer is killed!

ISLAMABAD: A vehicle with explosives exploded near the Islamabad police headquarters on Friday before it reached its ‘high-value target,’ killing one policeman and wounding a number of other officers and bystanders on the route leading to the nation’s parliament and other important buildings.

Following the army’s killing of more than 30 TTP members during an operation in Bannu city near the Afghan border, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) released a statement claiming responsibility for the attack that occurred two days later. At a jail, the fighters had kidnapped about ten security guards. Sohail Zafar, the head of operations for the Islamabad police, stated that there seemed to be a man and a woman in the automobile. The explosion ‘killed two terrorists,’ said to interior minister Rana Sanaullah.

The vehicle did not stop at a checkpoint. ‘ The people in the car blew it up as the cops chased after it’. According to Zafar, it was a suicide bombing. The explosion in the I-10 Sector, one of Islamabad’s high-security neighbourhoods, injured at least four police officers and two civilians. Five injured police officers were transported to the facility, according to Dr. Iqbal Durrani, CEO of a government-run hospital in Islamabad.

Minister Sanaullah asserted that if the automobile had hit its aim, there would have been significant losses. ‘ Chakwal city is where the car was registered. Through Rawalpindi, it reached Islamabad (a garrison city adjacent to Islamabad). It was aiming for a very valuable target and was loaded with explosives’. Following the Bannu operation, Sanaullah said that the capital was under constant threat of such an assault. The car’s burning wreckage and a significant number of police officers searching the area were both seen on television.


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