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Birth rates, sex education: recommendations from China’s parliament for Taiwan

China’s parliament has proposed new measures to address declining birth rates in the country, including promoting sex education and providing support for families with children. The proposals come as China faces a demographic challenge, with an aging population and a declining birth rate.

One of the proposals is to improve sex education in schools and promote a better understanding of reproductive health and family planning. This is intended to encourage young people to have a more responsible and informed approach to sex, which could help to reduce unintended pregnancies and promote healthy family planning.

The parliament has also proposed increasing support for families with children, including tax incentives, parental leave, and childcare services. This is intended to make it easier for parents to have and raise children, and to address the economic challenges that many families face when deciding whether to have children.

Taiwan, a self-governing democracy that is claimed by China, has been held up as an example of successful family planning policies. Taiwan’s government has implemented a range of measures to support families with children, including subsidized childcare and parental leave, which have helped to increase birth rates and improve child welfare.

Overall, the proposals put forward by China’s parliament reflect a recognition of the need to address declining birth rates and promote healthy family planning practices. However, it remains to be seen how effective these measures will be in addressing the underlying social and economic factors that are contributing to China’s demographic challenge.


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