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Jury members at Cannes film festival back Hollywood writers’ strike

The Cannes Film Festival’s first day was marked by discussions surrounding the Hollywood screenwriters’ strike, with the festival jury expressing their support for the writers. Ruben Ostlund, the head of this year’s Cannes festival jury, stated on Tuesday that he backs the screenwriters’ strike. As a two-time Palme d’Or winner, Ostlund believes it is important for people to have a strong sense of unity and take part in strikes to bring about change in their profession. He expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I am definitely, yeah… go!”

The screenwriters’ strike in Hollywood began on May 3 after negotiations between the Writers Guild of America and major US studios and streaming services failed to reach an agreement. Ostlund was not the only jury member to voice support for the strike. Paul Dano, a US actor and director who is married to actress and screenwriter Zoe Kazan, also expressed his solidarity. Dano mentioned that his wife is currently participating in picketing with their six-month-old child strapped to her chest and that he plans to join her on the picket line.

The striking writers in Hollywood are demanding better compensation in an industry that has been greatly impacted by the rise of streaming platforms. Meanwhile, Ostlund emphasized that there would be no restrictions or holding back when it comes to the jury’s deliberations on the 21 films in competition. He aims to foster an atmosphere where individuals can freely express their gut feelings without feeling the need to appear overly intellectual or compete with one another. According to Ostlund, it is essential to create an atmosphere where authenticity and honest opinions are valued.

The Cannes Film Festival will continue until May 27, providing a platform for filmmakers and artists from around the world to showcase their work and engage in discussions about the industry.


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