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New Zealand welcomes its first kiwi hospital with the successful treatment of ‘Splash’

New Zealand, known colloquially as The Kiwis after its indigenous bird species, celebrated the inauguration of its inaugural kiwi hospital with the successful rehabilitation of “Splash,” a chick discovered in a swimming pool.

The debut signifies a momentous milestone in the nation’s endeavors to preserve its once-endangered emblematic bird, according to reports from AFP news agency.

The upsurge in kiwi populations, once imperiled, spurred the establishment of a specialized medical facility in Kerikeri, Northland. This endeavor underscores New Zealand’s dedication to conserving its iconic fauna, with this hospital representing a pioneering effort in the country’s conservation landscape. Erected by the local conservation entity Kiwi Coast, the hospital strategically occupies a central position in Northland, an area housing approximately 10,000 brown kiwis. This locale has been instrumental in fostering the species’ resurgence, with its overall population now surpassing 26,000 nationwide.

The status of kiwis in New Zealand transitions from vulnerability to robustness
Previously designated as “nationally vulnerable,” the brown kiwi has now ascended to a classification of “not threatened.” This evolution can be attributed to concerted conservation endeavors, including initiatives focused on predator management and community participation in safeguarding kiwi habitats.


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