US woman starves her kids, posts photos online to raise fund; may get 99-year jail term

A woman in Texas, the United States, may face life imprisonment for starving her children to make them look ill and fraudulently raise money online for their treatment.

28-year-old Katelyn Christina Carnline had raised over USD 2,000 by fooling people on a website, which raises funds to help people who are in genuine need of medical aid.

She not only starved her children but also lied that one of her son is suffering from cancer. She shaved off his head, put a breathing mask over his mouth and posted pictures of him on the site, You Caring.

Carnline also claimed that her four-month-old daughter was a victim of rare genetic disorder, called ‘Inborn Errors of Metabolism’, which prevents the body from turning food into energy, slowing down a child’s development.

Carnline managed to fool even the doctors into believing that the infant was having seizures. As a result of this, they performed various operations on the baby, causing her weight to drop rapidly below a healthy body weight.

After her arrest on March 1, the baby stayed with the father and recovered in two months. An affidavit from the Milam County Sheriff said, “The child, placed with other family members by CPS, is now healthy and thriving.”

Carnline was charged with exploiting and causing serious bodily injuries to a child. She will face 99 years in jail if she is found guilty of the latter, but if found guilty of only exploitation, she will face only 10 years in prison.


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