US court to hear case against Trump’s travel ban today

A federal appeals court is scheduled to hear the case against US President Donald Trump’s travel ban today.

The US Courts for the 9th Circuit, based in San Francisco, Northern California, ruled on February 9 against reinstating a travel ban signed on January 27 by Trump as part of an executive order.

The President subsequently issued a revised order on March 6, taking Iraq off the list of countries whose citizens are blocked from entering the US for 90 days, however keeping six other Muslim-majority countries on the list.

The travel ban in the second order was blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii, throwing the case again into the 9th circuit court.

In initiating the legal challenge on March 9, Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin noted that the new order, compared with the initial ban, “nothing of substance has changed: there is the same blanket ban on entry from the Muslim-majority countries.”


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