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Story of Harleen Mann and her viral photos…

Recently a photo of women with police uniform goes viral Even though, social media plays an important role in making news spread faster, making the person popular as well for making a photo goes viral. The photograph of women with police uniform was attractive and has been shared widely on social media, with people writing comments like “I surrender” and “people are in a queue to get arrested”.

But here comes the reality actually the women in the photograph is not the police of Punjab instead she is an actress Kainaat Arora, and Harleen Mann is the name of the character she is playing in an upcoming punjabi film – Jagga Jiundae. After the photo went viral, Kainat took to Instagram to clarify the misunderstanding. “Dear People … harleen man is my character name in the film #jaggajiundae . it’s just a #film .. my phone memory is bombarded with forwards From all over the world , people sending messages & jokes: ready to get arrested etc .. i Am no REAL POLICE ????????.. 3 days and still this photo is viral across the continent,” she wrote. Whatever this shows us we shouldn’t believe everything that’s on social media. It may contain another real story like this


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