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Kulbhushan Jadhav: A Heartbreaking meeting with the mother, wife interrupted by tears!!!!

It was an emotional meeting often interrupted by tears. The 40 minute meeting between Kulbhushan Jadhav and his mother and wife was an emotional one, described a source.
Most of the talking during the meeting was done by Jadhav’s mother Avanti. The wife Chetna hardly spoke as she was too emotional the source also said. There were a box of tissues that were kept by the Pakistani officials.

The initial greetings took place through a glass screen. However they were able to communicate with him mainly via a telephone. Most of the conversation took place in Marathi and Hindi, the sources also said. During the conversation, Jadhav said, it was nice to see them. He also inquired about his father’s health and said he would have liked to see him. His mother then told him that he looked tired. He responded by saying that he was being treated as per Pakistani laws. Prior to the meeting there was a thorough check that took place. They were asked to remove their hair clips as no objects were allowed. The Deputy High Commissioner, J P Singh who had accompanied them was however separated from the mother and wife before the meeting. He was hardly to hear anything and could only watch Jadhav’s mannerisms. Prior to the meeting, the family had to leave their mobile phones at the High Commission. The wife and mother will be at Delhi for a de-briefing before they return home.


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