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Are sex scenes really necessary in movies?

The best professionally written and produced films do not need nude scenes or pornography (sex scenes). The world of filmed entertainment has absolutely gone down the sewer, and let’s not forget foul language. Sex sells, but only for a product that isn’t worth buying. Nudity and sex are a part of life but it is not necessary to make it public.

Some movies add them in and it feels completely unnatural and unneeded. As we all know Film is an amazing art to study. Every single scene/angle/word/character, etc. etc. has a purpose. It gets the director’s entire point across for and they want to create the biggest effect possible. If it creates a certain emotion it’s because the director wanted it too. It’s all about the effect.

Sex scenes in films can provide a powerful means of conveying emotions, visually demonstrating intimacy, setting a tone for an overall scene, and otherwise enhancing a film. Not all sex scenes fall into this category, of course. Films that rely on sex as a way to fill screen time, generate controversy, or otherwise fail to integrate them into the story are examples of how to misuse such scenes.

But some film directors are clever enough they know how to picturise it without feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes the sex really fits the movie. Some sex is clearly there because it’s meant to sell a movie.

Well sex scenes can be meaningful, it’s a way to show the love between 2 characters, but it can be pointless they don’t add much to the story and it’s not necessary to show the entire sex scene, do an Avatar scene when they are about to do it the scene ends, it doesn’t waste other people’s time.

Movies which use sex to identify some character, to help us understand him, to develop him… those movies are really rare. And they are almost never Hollywood action movies. Those are movies which don’t have much action, but a huge psychological impact on the viewers.

Nudity and sexuality are not necessary for any movie unless the movie is pornographic and is being watched to see sex and nudity.
But showing intimacy just to make viewers visual and mental effect is good it doesn’t mean to show the entire sex scene.

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