Yoga against Life Style Diseases : Anjali Mudra for a stress free life

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposal to the whole world was a day exclusively for the unique treasure trove of health to the man kind-Yoga. Well-thought-out,  our PM had chosen June 21, longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and also a day with special significance across the world, as an apt day for the whole world to celebrate ‘Yoga Day’ or ‘International Day of Yoga(IDY)’.

IDY 2018, is the 4th edition of this prestigious event and all around the world special programmes based on this Indian wellness practice will be conducted. Yoga is not only a cure for mental and physical illnesses but also to the new threat of lifestyle diseases. The World Health Organisation(WHO) had urged people across the world to practice Yoga in their daily life to ward off lifestyle diseases. They said that practising Yoga would reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and respiratory diseases. Unlike the gym training and other arduous exercises that are often strenuous and sometimes may cause adverse effects, Yoga is a well-balanced package of mental, physical and spiritual goodness. The hard fitness regimes in Gyms at times aided by excess intake of supplementary proteins, pills and sometimes injections are taxing to the heart. Recent news about deaths of many bodybuilding enthusiasts points out the threat looming around excessive and artificially aided bodybuilding craze. What one should keep in mind is that the correct wellness lies in the mental, physical and spiritual upliftment in a human being which will in turn make him ‘fit’.

‘Anjali Mudra’ is a yoga posture, its a mudra(sign) to say exactly, which has been used in Hindu rituals and classical dances as well. Anjali means offering, and as an Indian, we are well related to this sign when we make the mudra and say Namaste. This gesture of drawing together of one’s palms at the heart can also be found in Tadasana(Mountain Pose) before you begin Suryanamaskara(Sun salutations) or in balance poses such as Vrikshasana(Tree Pose). Hindus in their day to day life use this healthy posture, many of them unknowing about the health benefits, while praying, greeting elders, welcoming guests etc. Aloof from being just a salutary sign, Anjali Mudra is much more. The practice of Anjali Mudra will help you relieve stress, facilitate in treating anxiety and mental disorders. So let’s see how this easy Asana will help us in destressing ourselves and help in renovation which will further help us to ward off lifestyle diseases.

Anjali means ‘offering’ as said earlier, so while making this offering you should be true to your ‘self’, that is a complete concentration is demanded. Bring into your mind the Adwaita principle of ‘Tath Thvam Asi’meaning that art thou, that is, the God is in you. You have to invoke that inner divinity easily picturising it in any of your favourite Gods. Yogis used to visualize their favourite Gods or Goddesses, to make a personal connection with the divinity while invoking the divinity within themselves. Your awareness, heart and the body are the tools in this action, the tools if used rightly will take you to the bliss of spirituality uniting your self with the Divine.

Steps to do Anjali Mudra

1.Sit comfortably as in Sukasana posture or stand as in Tadasana.


2.slowly bring your palms together, like giving a Namaste and in that posture keep it close to the chest. Make sure that both the thumbs touch the sternum which will activate the solar plexus. The centre of the palm should always stay soft and maintain its dome shape. Thumps should be also pressed softly.

3. Press your palms against each other with equal pressure. The five fingers represent five chakras and the equal application of pressure will aid in their activation.

4. Bow your head slightly, drawing the crease of the neck toward the center of your head. Lift your sternum into your thumbs and lengthen down along the back of the armpits, making the back elbows heavy.

5. Now slowly open your eyes, release the Mudra.


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