Easy Elegant Party Hairstyles To Try

Try these easy party hairstyles:

  • Twisted Bun

You know you can’t go wrong when there’s a twist and a bun involved. Two twisted sections on either side of the head that meet at the back to form a bun – it is elegant and simple enough to pull off even when you don’t have a mirror.

Ribboned Hair Ponytail


Don’t mistake the half ponytail for being too casual for party wear. All you need to take it up a notch is a satin ribbon. After being spotted on international runways, the half ponytail with a dainty ribbon is everything a lady needs.

Half Braid With Curls

Braids aren’t only for the front of the head, they can enliven the back as well. A braid plaited horizontally across the back of the head can do wonder for a party look. Add in a few styled curls with a curling tong and you’re good to go.

Embellished Twisted Ponytail

Of course, we couldn’t get through the post without mentioning a chic take on a basic ponytail, could we! A low ponytail with a simple twist at its base and a jewelled hairpin is all your long hair needs for a holiday party.

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