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Woman On 2-Wheeler Run Over By Truck, See What happened next : Watch Video

In a shocking video posted online shows the woman miraculously surviving after being run over by a truck. The video of the incident makes for quite a dramatic watch.

Posted on Twitter by People’s Daily, China, the video shows the woman riding a two wheeler. She is seen taking a turn followed closely by a truck also steering in the same direction as her. Suddenly, the truck hits the woman’s two-wheeler and she is seen falling on the ground in front of the truck.

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The vehicle continues to move forward, one of its tyres rolling over the two-wheeler. It takes the truck a few seconds to come to a halt. Surprisingly, the woman is seen emerging from under the rear end of the truck and walking away from the vehicle.

The incident took place in Maoming, China’s Guangdong province. Watch the incident, most likely recorded on a CCTV camera, below:


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