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WATCH: Bizzare Bowling Action Forces Umpire to Call Dead Ball

So You have seen switch hits for sure. David Warner plays it, Maxwell does it, Kevin Peterson probably perfected it and debates are still on whether its good for cricket or unfair on the bowler. While those discussions will carry on for a while, someone has pulled off something very similar to a switch hit here. Well, for a change, this is the bowler improvising this time.

This is a left-handed spinner bowling to a right-hander in what looks like a junior level match being played somewhere in the subcontinent. Bowling action seems normal in the bowler’s for the most part, but then he does a swift 360-degree turn just before delivering the ball. Umpire was not happy with the improvisation and a dead-ball was immediately called. The umpire felt that the action can distract batsman.

The batsman though played the ball defensively with relative ease.


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