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Foods That You Must Never Wash


According to Drexel University, washing your chicken before cooking it simply causes you to splash bacteria all over your hands and the kitchen sink. Raw chicken is almost always covered by all sorts of bacteria that are harmful to our health. Salmonella is one of the most common types of bacteria found in raw chicken. Experts believe that washing raw chicken helps the bacteria spread onto your hands and use the water as a medium to travel to other places. It is best if you boil the chicken twice since this ensures that the high temperature has killed all the bacteria.


When eggs are processed, they are coated with a layer of mineral oil that helps prevent bacteria from penetrating the shell and contaminating the egg. If you wash eggs before storing them, you are essentially making them vulnerable to bacteria. Therefore, it is best if you do not wash eggs.



Similar to chicken, raw meat such as pork, lamb, beef, and veal should never be washed before cooking since this helps bacteria spread. You can get rid of germs or bacteria from your meat with the help of high temperatures. Always ensure you make use of napkins to get rid of any meat juice on the surface of the meat since this is most likely to be highly contaminated by bacteria. Once you have finished prepping your meat, make sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water.



Washing raw pasta before using it for cooking is considered a serious taboo in the culinary world. According to chefs, washing pasta causes it to lose its layer of starch that is essential for it to absorb the sauce. The only time that you can wash pasta is after you have boiled it.


Mushrooms are highly absorbent. This means that you should avoid washing them or soaking them in water since they can lose their elasticity. It is best if you clean them with a little water and dry them quickly right before cooking them.


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