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Need a good sleep? come stick to banana tea on a daily basis!

Being tired in your day to day hectic schedule, every one love to have a good nap and do a sound sleep. But what if our body denies from having it? we will be forced to depend on sleeping pills for the cure, don’t we? The Chemical incorporated sleeping pills are good for a forceful sleep but they will be affecting your brain cells gradually resulting in much worse conditions like depression. Don’t get panicked, we have an alternative remedy for you. THE BANANA TEA!

Yes! seems to be strange right? but it is not. If you are a victim of sleepless night or insomnia, having a good sleep would be a herculean task for you. consuming higher dosages of sleeping pills may bring result in initial stages but they are harmful to your cerebral cells. If you wish for that change and be an organic medicine consumer the Banana Tea would be the best homemade medicine you could ever have.

Banana tea may sound familiar to all but will surely replace sleeping pills for sure. Being simple yet powerful, banana tea can be made in your home without much effort.

How can we make this homemade medicine? Its simple, you are supposed to boil one banana including its peel for five minutes. The resultant water has to be filtered and replaced to another pan for consuming.

The peeling of the banana makes the magic here. The magnesium content present in the peel will get diluted in the boiling water and this, in turn, will provide you with a good sleep.

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