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Know the benefits of having sex in the morning

Everybody knows the importance of sex is in life. Apart from making your relationship better, it is something that is also extremely healthy. However, in this fast-paced world, honestly, there is very little time for having good sex. A whole day of work leaves you with an evening where you find yourself so tired that you just want to crash the bed and not in a sexy way! This leads to waking up to the other day in a roughed up mood, and the cycle continues. However, you know what you could actually do to make your days better? Have sex in the morning! Believe it or not, morning sex is associated with fantastic health benefits that you surprise you. Even studies believe that one of the best times to have sex is to have it in the morning.

Here are five reasons why having sex in the morning better

1. Acts as a great workout- Having sex is a great way to burn calories. Having sex is a good exercise you can start your day with. You can burn calories and also warm up your mornings.

2. Morning oxytocin improves whole your day- Sex helps release oxytocin in your blood which in turn makes you feel better and improves shows effect on your day. Some studies believe that having sex in the morning can help you become more productive throughout the day.

3. Testosterone levels are high in the morning- You are sure to like sex more in the morning than at night because men tend to have high testosterone levels in the morning (one of the main causes you get the morning wood.)

4. It can beat morning stress- Having sex in the morning relaxes your body and also helps you face the day better. You will look forward to the day when you have some good sex in the morning.

5. It makes you happier, in general- If you get into the habit of starting your day with sex, you are sure to be happier generally in life!
However, you might want to keep a mint or something handy in the morning. Bad breath really hinders most people from getting steamy in the morning.


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