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Nitha Ambani gives her daughter-in-law a gift worth 300 crore

The marriage of Akash Ambani who is the son of Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani was luxurious. Though many days have been passed past his marriage the gossips and news related to his marriage are still roaming around the internet. Many among us are eagerly waiting to know what would be happening next in the couple’s life.

Now the gossipers have got a new topic to deal with. The bride Shukla Mehta has now been awarded by a new gift from Nita Ambani which is worth 300 Crore. Yes, let not make open your jaw.

Sources report that Nita Ambani has given her daughter-in-law a Diamond necklace worth 300 crores. The necklace has been specially built for her by the world famous jewellery makes MOUWADI.

The gossipers say this is the world’s luxurious necklace available so far in this planet.


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