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How to keep your new born’s skin soft and supple this summer


1. Give them a soothing bath: This helps them to remove sweat and will keep them refreshed. Use lukewarm water and avoid hot water. Try to avoid soaps while getting them bathed. Use neem for rubbing their tender skin.

2. Apply lotion: Always use calamine-based lotion with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Mustard oil. Aloe Vera helps to moisturize the skin and mustard oil helps in itching.

3. Use a prickly heat body powder: To relieve your baby from prickly heat, it is advisable to use a prickly heat baby powder.

4. Use diaper rash creams: Changing diapers frequently during summer keeps the skin fresh. But there will remain diaper rashes. To avoid diaper rashes use rash removing creams containing Almond Oil. This will reduce skin rashes and will nourish the skin

5. Use baby wipes: Use baby wipes frequently. You can always choose large wipes with Indian lotus and Alovera. These are convenient in cleansing the body. Indian lotus keeps the skin of your baby supple.


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