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Three Things that Working Mothers should keep in mind

In the modern world a women should balance her career with personal life. It is difficult to find time for everything but the financial security should be a prime concern. Prepare for emergencies It is difficult to quit your job as you become a mother. But you can plan your fund allocation in a smart way.

Save your money with a long term vision. Thus you can be self dependent even if you could not enter the job immediately. So plan your fund at least for six upcoming months in mind. Re structure your insurance Mother is epitomized as a symbol of sacrifice. But it’s high time for forgetting all these age old beliefs. You must use your income properly to get insurance and to become more productive through this. Be vigilant about the investments As your parental duties need financial assistance you should be careful while making investments.

You should make a diverse portfolio thus limiting the losses. Make fixed deposits and funds which will be available as liquid cash on demand.


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