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Hilarious! Former Pak High Commissioner to India Mistakes Pornstar For a Kashmiri Man Who Lost Eyesight in Shooting! Do Not Miss this Tweet

Leaders of Pakistan cannot stop talking about Kashmir although it has been made abundantly clear that it is entirely an Indian matter. What’s funny is that many of these leaders hardly make a fact check on what they are propagating and here is the Former Pakistan High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit making a hilarious mistake.

Abdul Basit has retweeted the image of porn movie star JohnnySins claiming that he is Yousuf from Anantnag, J&K who got blind by a pellet injury during the shooting in Kashmir.

The pornstar’s picture which was actually shared by a Twitter user with the description, “Yousuf from ananthnag (Anantnag)…lost vision from pellet…pls raise your voice.”

Basit did not check the facts, retweeted and it later deleted the retweet after he was trolled for the mistake.


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