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PoK Citizens chant “Imran Khan go back” slogans during Pakistan PM’s Rally

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was left red-faced when, during a rally that he was addressing in Muzaffarabad, which is the capital of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), the people, those who were coerced to attend it, revolted against Pakistan and raised slogans saying that they want to join India.

The slogans that were caught on camera also mentioned that Kashmir (referring to PoK) wants to become a part of India.

Sources say that as soon as the residents of PoK raised anti-Imran Khan slogans, the police and army resorted to lathi-charge on the people and also arrested over 250 people including women and children.

“By holding such a rally in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Pakistan wanted to show that people of Kashmir are with them, but that is not the case people of PoK have shown what they want,” a source in the security establishment said. He was quoted saying that the people in PoK were fed up with the atrocities committed on them by the Pakistan army and they no longer wanted to live under the boots of the Pakistani military.

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