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Police keep a pigeon in AC room, fed it organic food and mineral water: Know the reason

Policemen in Rajasthan is giving a pigeon ‘VVIP’ treatment. The pigeon is kept in a AC room and is provided with organic food and mineral water to drink. The policemen in the Sriganganagar police station is doing all this because of a reason.

Sri Ganganagar is Rajasthan border district. People living in the border villages of Rajasthan and security agencies are accustomed to seeing birds flying in from over the border. They sometimes trapp them suspecting they were used for spying.

The villagers in the Karanpur village has caught the pigeon on September 14 and they handovered the bird to Border Security Force after seeing a stamp on its wings. And the BSF after preliminary enquiry handed over it to police.

The police has brought it a veterinary hospital in Bikaner which lies 259 kilometers south of the village. The doctors are conducting detailed examination to check whether any spying instrument inside the body opf the bird. And the VVIp treatment of the bird will continue since the investigation is over.


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